The Razors Edge

Meeting Mr. Tanaka

Previously on The Razor’s Edge…

Our crew had just come off a job that didn’t quite go as planned. After “D” radios that there are children being taken into the bar, the crew rushes in before Montague can get back and follows Nomad into the fray. Revealing a heart of gold, Nomad handles the bikers outside, leaving Salvage to duel it out with Cerberus and save the Ork family from a ritual sacrifice. But who was the ominous voice that set fire to the bar? We’ll find out another time on…


We start this episode with a flashback to the prodigal brother, now known as Tyr, coming in to the family shop. After a night of dwarven drinking at a local pub, these reunited brothers decide to take jobs together. What secrets does Tyr still hold? Will this dwarven businessman clash with the crew’s elven face man, Montague?

The episode picks back up with a conference call between the two dwarven brothers and Montague regarding a possible job with a mysterious Mr. Tanaka. After butting heads, and confusion about who should lead the negotiation, Montague decides he’s had enough of amateur hour and drops the call. In a text message later, “D” sends him the meet info, asking him to come if he’s up for it. Our other Runners, Salvage and Nomad, remain unable to be reached.

The day of the meet, its at traditional Japanese teahouse by the name of Umai, situated on the near north side but just off the main loop. While it looks average on the outside, it is a wood and paper architectural thing of beauty on the inside. Ancient Japanese music plays as the dwarves enter and Montague meets up with them from a booth in the back. The are whisked away to a meeting room separate from the rest of the teahouse.

In the meeting room, they are greeted at a table by an AR persona that hesitates to say his name, but provides a customary business card calling him Mr. Tanaka. After all parties are seated it Mr. Tanaka gets down to business and offers our crew a job stealing a crate of the latest commlink by MCT, The Applaud 6.

The catch is, the crates are on a shipping vessel anchored in Lake Michigan, and he wants the rest of the commlinks destroyed. To top it off, his offer of 100,000 nuyen would barely be able to cover costs of the run. After some arguing amongst the negotiators on the team, they shrewdly make a deal to do the run for 250,000 up front and 400,000 later with the promise that the job would get done professionally and that no other Applaud 6s would survive. Is the high pay a trap by Mr. Tanaka? Will “D” be able to get in touch with Salvage for demolitions, and Nomad for water transport? Next time on…



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