The Razors Edge

The Bolt House

Montague connected to the Host and entered his passcode.

3 minutes until unit is ready for retrieval. the female voice rang out.

For 3 weeks Montague has scoped out the spaces watching everyone come in and out at all hours. He felt as sure as one possibly could that this was about as safe as he could get for now, in fact he’d gotten lost his first couple times trying to find the place.

He glanced at the containers in the back seats to make sure they hadn’t shifted around too much. Checking the timer on his AR display he shifted the car into drive and started down the last couple of streets to the units. it cost more to get one he could park the car inside and still have room to move around but it was worth it. There weren’t a lot of cars in this part of town and those that were here had been thoroughly picked over.

The garage door opened at dock 3 just as he arrived and quickly he backed his car in with the lights already off to keep unwanted eyes off the building. For a few moments after the doors closed they lights remained off with only the glow of the dash illuminating any of the space. With a jerk the pod slid backwards and began its trip through the complex where it would be stored.

Montague had been thinking about the layout of the spaces and figured that there were probably pods that hadn’t moved in quite some time. it reasoned that the longer it had been that a pod was accessed the closer to the center of the building and higher up it would rest. With a little effort once he got his hands on a deck he figured he could get a couple empty pods sitting side by side and access them from eachother. the right code would prevent them from being moved and provide a larger sapce for emergencies. In the meantime, this would have to do.

With a couple quick taps Montague activated the lights within the pod and stepped out of the car. A few minutes of work had the car emptied out and deftly he began peicing together his workbench. Electronics were sensitive parts and the slightest static discharge could wreck weeks of work. Non conductive foam on the floor and walls would help protect from outside disturbances. Grounding wires connected to the building ground distribution systems.

Robotics were necessary for any good hardeware operation these days. Repairs become so much easier when you can slip into AR or VR and precisely control solder points on a magnified model of your components. After a couple hours everything was seup up and static free.

Almost as if on queue his comm link began screaming.

Time for Rebok’s hourly update I suppose

Montague had to admit that these guys did what they were told. Seeing as it had been a while between updates he supposed he could give them a little something. He thought of answering the call but at the last second let it ring out.

Making a couple taps in AR was enought to queue his Pod up for release. The image of an exploding Orc head let Montague know he had a message from Rebok. The bulging eyes and blood splatter was a new touch. His work was getting better. Maybe he’d let him know next time they talked.

Before the doors opened Montague cut the lights inside the unit and pulled the car out with the lights off. Letting the car run on Autopilot he waited a couple blocks before turning the lights on. The sensors were more than enough to ensure he didn’t get into an accident.

Glancing at the clock on the dash he realized he was late for dinner. Another late day at the office he’d tell the wife. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could keep this pace up. Maybe they could go on a little vacation soon .


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