Dragon Street Sam Phys Adept



· BDY: 9
· AGI: 4
· REA:3
· STR:9
· WIL:2
· LOG:1
· INT:2
· CHR:2
· EDG:1/6
· INI: 5
· Magic: 5 power points


· Mental: 2
· Physical: 11
· Social: 4


· Physical: 13
· Stun: 9
· Overflow: 9
· Composure: 4
· Judge Intention:4
· Lift/Carry: 18
· Memory:3
· Mage 5
· Essence: 5
· Edge 1

Active Skills:

· Blades: 3
· Unarmed Combat: 4
· Heavy Weapons: 3
· Gymnastics: 2
· Swimming: 1
· Running: 1
· Sneaking: 1
· Survival: 4
· Impersonation: 1
· Perception: 1
· Intimidation: 1
· Cyber Technology: 3
· Computer: 1

Knowledge Skills:

· Par-zoology Dragons: 1
· Body Modifications: 1
· Spanish: 2
· Gemology: 1
· Spirit Lore: 1

Adept Powers: cost

· Killing Hands: .5
· Kinestic x2: 0 from Snake
· Att Boost AGIx2: .5
· Att Boost STRx1:.25
· Att Boost BDYx1:.25
· Astral Perception: 1
· Improved Reflex-1: 1.5

Merit & Flaws:

· Code of Honor (Dragon code)(-15)
· Scorched (-10) Black outs and Memory Loss
· Guts (10)
· Mentor Spirit (5)-Snake
· Bilingual (5)
· Spirit Affinity (5)(Mage only)


2060 Renraku Arcology goes mad
2062, Escaped the Renraku Arcology in Mexico city
2062 Joined a Neo-Aztec tribe
2070 Left the tribe to hunt for staff
2071 Leaves New Orleans on the run after the staff explodes
2074 Hides out in St Lois and Kansas for a few years. Finds news of a book
2075, arrived in Chicago

Hiryō was born in 2038 in the Arcology. He was a gifted child who and had a love affair with dragons and cybernetics, or so he has pieced together. In 2060, the Arcology went mad and had a computer run lock down. Very few are said to survive, he is not one of them. Something happened to Hiryō that he has blacked out. He doesn’t have any memories of a child hood. He doesn’t have a memory of getting scales or being transformed into the first stages of a dragon.
What Hiryō does remember is flying away from the Arcology. In 2062, Hiryō, has his first memory, he remembers looking down from his feet flying through the air and saw the Arcology from his feet and a great a feeling of relief, like an animal being released from a cage. He crashed in the jungle of Mexico and started to move north. Slowly but surely Hiryō made his way through the jungle. His dragon powers, read adept powers, gave him the strength to survive the stress and dangers with in the jungle.
The young dragon, lived off the land making his way north. He must have picked up Quetzalcoatl, the flying serpent, in the Arcology, for he has always been Hiryō’s mentor. After a month or so he ran into a tribe of neo-shamans Azlan shamans, they primarily followed Snake and found Hiryō to be a welcome allay. He lived with them for about eight years . He became a living embodiment of their Neo-Azteck religion. Not only that but, he assisted them in fighting a nest of vampires that was attacking their villages. For his service they gifted him with a tattoo of (TBD). But he needed to build his power and wealth to continue his transformation as a dragon so he couldn’t simply stay in their lands.
Quetzalcoatl instructed him that there was an artifact staff that needed to be reacquired for the dragon kind and destroyed and it had fallen in the wrong hands. So Hiryō and the tribe traveled to Austin. There he left Azatlan and the tribe and made his way to New Orleans. He was able to sneak on a plane and flew to the Big Easy. Hiryō wandered the streets and found a Loa cult. He worked with a Vodou priest and together with a hot orc decker were able to arrange a run where they got the staff and a very large haul. When they went back to their safe house the team split the loot and Hiryō cracked the staff over his knee. The staff erupted in a psychedelic explosion. When Hiryō awoke the others were dead and he had a new tattoo. The explosion summoned the authorities and Hiryō found himself on the run.
He quickly scooped up what little loot he could and fled north up the Mississippi. He booked passage on a river boat. He made it out of the Confederate states and made his way into St. Louis. Over the next few years he ran runs up and down the Missouri between St. Louis and Kansas City. During Hiryō travels along the shores he came about a strange digital media type, an 8-track. It took several months to find a decker who could translate the tape. The ancient 8-track held a story about a magical tomb that contained part of the original ritual of the white buffalo made in the 1800’s. With that type of power Hiryō knew he would be able to evolve to the next level.
Evidently Chicago had a magical pull on it that intrigued Hiryō. So he gathered up his money and made his way up the Illinois River to search out this enigmatic magic. He came into the old ruins when Quetzalcoatl finally agreed that there was some very strong magical energies that needed to be investigate in the city in the clouds.
Hiryō looked for a means to fly up. He found a small freight plane that he hitched a ride. On the flight up the plane had some engine troubles and crashed in a fiery wreck. Hiryō saw that there was one other survivor a small human who seemed to be in a state of amazement. Hiryō walked over and grabbed Alex Jabbs from the wreckage. Alex was so appreciative of the young dragon that he vowed his life to Hiryō. Over the next couple months Hiryō has worked very hard and found a few contacts to make his next step to find the ancient tomb.

Code of Honor:
· Must acquire wealth to advance as a dragon

· Must respect elder “bigger” dragons

· Must protect your minions

· Should try not to harm reptiles

· A dragon is a visionary that gazes into the limitless and channels inspiration to his actions.

· A dragon strives to use the potential force that is hidden in man and in nature.

· A dragon transforms vision to reality through action.


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